A digital out-of-home design studio that will explore the creative possibilities and deliver more innovative thinking for the medium.

Our Services

We are New Zealand’s first glimpse into a design and production hub specifically created to meet and surpass digital out-of-home content requirements and provide seamless software solutions for clients.

Creative Services

As one of the most experienced DOOH teams in the industry, combined with a 100% focus on all things digital, we are well positioned to advise on and attend to almost every creative scenario.

Dynamic Artwork

We use ‘live’ widgets to auto-update advertising artwork based upon specific requirements or user generated content, demonstrating truly dynamic characteristics.

Conditional Artwork

Our intuitive feeds dictate which existing artwork will display based upon pre-determined triggers like weather, temperature or social feeds.

DOOH Content Creation

We can design and produce digital artwork for your LUMO advertising campaign, specific to your brand guidelines and creative brief.

Artwork Resizing

We can use any existing digital advertising material and resize it to fit any digital ooh screen.

Software Development

We can create cost-effective software solutions specific to the client’s campaign brief, from the simplest ideas to the highly complex.

Photography & Video

Our specialist photographers can produce post-campaign photos or video for use on your social platforms, website, case study or award entry.

Case study


Vogel's wanted consumers to express their love by encouraging bread lovers to share their opinion on how they store, eat, and even cut, Vogel’s. To show these votes live we built an HTML Banner ad that updates based on the combined amounts of votes through a custom API, pulling their Facebook and Instagram account votes.

Case study

Z Energy

To show Z's commitment to 'moving with the times we used LENS Analytics database to count the number of EV vehicles in real-time. Once a registered EV drove past the specific billboard would update its count. This count started once 24 cars had driven past and then counted till midnight and reset.

Case study


The Warehouse was a major sponsor of the NZ Athletes and wanted to celebrate any success in the Summer and Winter Olympics. In this example, the Ad was sent live within 60 seconds of Zoi winning silver in the big air at the Beijing Winter Olympics. All the client had to do was select the medal and pre-approved message and then press live.

Case study

Paul Neshausen

Paul Neshausen wanted to be able to create and manage all his listings through a custom web portal. We used a template design so that they could update imagery, headlines, addresses, auction times, and even a sold sticker at any moment. He could also add a normal static jpg file and add to the rotation of all his listings.

Case study

Garage Project

There are no better moments for a beer than 5:00pm or when it’s sweltering outside. This campaign celebrates those two times with a beautifully simple dynamic display. Garage Project had 2 creatives, with one playing a live 5pm to 6pm countdown every day and a second creative appearing whenever the temperature was above 22 degrees.

Case study

Southern Cross

Southern Cross used LENS to build a bespoke API to display the live average speed of cars going past LUMO's billboards. The speed was based on LENS's speed tracking software and was cross-referenced against TOM TOM's GPS API to get as accurate a reading as possible. The message was then served to congratulate the drivers for their safe speed or tell them to slow down for our furry friends.

Our People

People are what make things happen.

LUMO Labs is comprised by a group of talented and experienced DOOH practitioners who will work with you to deliver the best digital creative solutions.

Hamish Smith

Every campaign needs the benefit of a keen and experienced marketing eye, especially when considering bespoke creative ideas for the digital OOH channel.

Jamie Snow

Designer extraordinaire, Jamie is a foundation member of the LUMO team who has extensive experience in digital design capability, specific to DOOH

Robin Arnold

Chief of technology, Robin’s knowledge and experience in digital out-of-home technology solutions is unsurpassed.

Phil Clemas

LUMO co-founder and OOH industry veteran, Phil brings a critical view to what works and doesn’t work and helps keep our unorthodox  creative thinkers in line.

Dynamic    Interactive     Digital Advertising

Bringing innovation to you

LUMO Labs is a creative think tank designed to showcase our technology suite and bring to life your creative idea through a state-of-the-art mobile DOOH experience. The advanced mobile studio is not only unique but perfectly designed to demonstrate the full scope of how we can bring your digital ideas to life, in the comfort of a luxurious technology suite.

Mobile Lab

Inside is a full suite of technology which replicates any digital out-of-home format – whether large format, small format or place-based. This makes it easy to create and test any campaign idea.

There is even a wine fridge for those longer testing sessions.

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